Poljot 1MWF Kirov

70th Anniversary Commemorative

A Buran-style chronograph created to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the 1st Moscow Watch Factory in the year 2000. This particular edition of Poljot chronograph is very difficult to find, and therefore it may well be that only 100 pieces in total were produced. Surprise, surprise!! I've started to keep a record of all the known numbers/imagery to see if I run into any duplicates--and so far, so good!

The Buran-style watches with the plated cases, that first appeared in the early-nineties and produced in the tens of thousands, are far more numerous than any of the later editions, produced at the turn-of-the-century and beyond, with the high-quality stainless steel cases. I've noticed that the large quantity consistent availability of the Buran-style chronographs have made them somewhat less desirable than some of the the other military-style pieces, however I think that the opposite may one be true for the later pieces w/steel casings. Obviously, the new models are much more expensive, but in my opinion well worth the extra money for the satin or polished steel casing.

Case back

The engraving is of the old factory on Vorontsovskaya street in Moscow, Russia, built in early-1930. It reads "First Moscow Watch Factory - S.M. Kirov".

Sergey M. Kirov was a popular Bolshevik leader, and later Communists Party organization leader in Leningrad. He was assassinated, presumably as a result of his popularity inside the Communists Party, by Stalin, in 1934. Shortly thereafter the watch factory, as well as many cities, were renamed in his honour. Watches referred to or branded "Kirovskie", are simply watches produced at the S.M. Kirov factory.

Early-2000s Poljot cal. 3133

The movement is proof that this piece is ca. 2000.