Poljot President of Russia

Long produced Poljot-Chronos chronograph

The very first Poljot "President" chronograph was produced when Yeltsin was in office in 1993. It featured the Admiral casing identical to that of the "Columbus" chronograph from a year earlier, as well as Yeltsin's signature printed on the dial. Later the President chronographs would be predominantly produced with gold-plated "Basilika" cases, and to this day the dial faces are still evolving.

As stocks of the cal. 3133 are starting to run out, a new line of "President of Russia" chronographs are starting to appear in newly designed cases with foreign automatic movements. Previously, the case and movement were both produced in Moscow.

This particular version of the "President of Russia" chronograph has dial, hand set, and casing that is unique to model alone. I was lucky to obtain this piece in such good condition, and also hope to add one of the more tradition models to my collection one day soon.

Case back

"President of Russia" and the Russian coat of arms medallion.

ca. 2004 cal. 3133

There is something very unique about this movement? It is fitted with a gold-coloured balance wheel!

Similar chronograph

A similar chrongraph from my collection of images.