Volmax Aviator Sport

Sporty new 10 ATM case

This unique chronograph by Volmax features a stainless steel casing; rubber bezel, push buttons and strap; screw down crown; water resitance to 10ATM; sapphire crystal; and display case back.

A true purpose-built sports watch!

Other models include the Nikolai Fomenko GT1 and GT2 with a racing car stamped on the case back, as well as some alarm models in similar casings.

The chronographs design preceded, and is very similar to, the high-end Aviator Axiom/MiG29 chronographs that followed a few years later.

Display case back

By June 2005, machinery used to produce the ca. 3133 chronograph had been sold to the MakTime company and transferred to a new factory in the south-east end of Moscow. It took between January and June to relocate and make operational the machinery for continued production. As a result, companies such as Volmax would have found it necessary to stockpile Poljot produced movements for chronographs assembled by them during this period. This may explain why the Poljot crown stamp remained on the plate of many of the chronographs post-2005.

What had been removed by 2005, as is the case with this movement, was the "MADE IN RUSSIA" stamp on the balance assembly bridge.