Volmax Aviator Hi-Tech

In design only

Although there's nothing hi-tech at all about the cal. 3133 movement, the overall design could be classified as hi-tech when compared to all previously released cal. 3133 based chronographs, and Volmax should be commended for creating this truly unique line of chronographs.

There were more than a few designs produced with at least two different dial colour combinations for each model. This particular watch was a later model in the series and my personnel favourite because of it's open design with exposed date ring.

New MakTIme produced cal. 3133

By the time this Volmax chronograph was ready for assembly, any previously held stocks of Poljot produced mechanisms had dried up and the new MakTime produced mechanisms, complete with company logo stamp in place of the old Poljot crown, were now being utilized by Volmax. This arrangement would be short lived, however, as MakTIme cal. 3133 production was terminated after only a few years.