Junkers cal. 3133 Chronographs

Junkers W33 - First Atlantic Flight (East-West)

Junkers brand by POINTtec are first class chronographs at a mid-range price. The first Junkers brand watches appeared in the late-1990s, and based on my observations, it seems as though Russian built cal. 3133 movements had been utilized beginning around that time as well.

Although labeled as "Made In Germany" and assembled by Garde-Ruhla, these cal. 3133 Junkers brand chronographs obviously have Russian hearts.

POINTtec describes there movements as being manufactured "by renowned Swiss watch manufacturers or from a well known Japanese producers", and the cal. 3133, although now hopelessly out-dated, was certainly an improved version on an old Swiss design.

Titanium casing

This particular model, with all titanium casing, commemorates the first east-to-west crossing of the Atlantic ocean, by a Junkers W33 aircraft, in 1928.

To the right is a piece from the Horizon series featuring black PVD coating and stainless steel casing.

Beautifully decorated movements

Many late-model Junkers chronographs, including the two featured here, are fitted with this stunning MakTime produced, and decorated, movement.

The triangular Junkers logo is sometime referred to as "Jesus on the Cross".

Commemorative stamp

Hungarian stamp commemorating the first east-to-west transatlantic flight.

Old Junkers cal. 3133 from my image collection

Made in Germany? It looks like an old Poljot Aviator.