Denissov Speedster

Late-model w/corrected subdial numeral

The Denissov Watch Company, founded by Vladimir Denissov, a chief designer at the First Moscow Watch Factory, produces some very unique designs using high-quality components. Most of the chronographs in the collection are in $1000US and above range, so when I had an opportunity to pick up this piece at a reduced price I made sure to take advantage.

As you can see, the Speedster incorporates some really cool features into the design such as the unique hand set, dial, and a combined brushed, satin, and polished finish on the casing. Originally, I had hoped to purchase the absolutely stunning all black carbon fibre model, but you can't really go wrong with any of the models as they are all very attractive. The Barracuda is another popular Denissov model that I hope to obtain at some point.

10ATM case w/display back

For this piece, the best feature, in my opinion, is the unique casing which is characteristic of many Denissov designs. The movement itself is non-decorated, and as you can see, shows very little colour with this particular case back. However the more I look at it the more I think a non-decorated movement better suits this sport watch.

As previously mentioned, this is likely a second edition of the watch with the new dial.

Display Box

If you purchase a Denissov Speedster new it should come complete with this very sporty display box which makes identifying the watch amongst others a breeze.

One curious design feature on these higher-end Russian chronographs was the "12" hour indicator atop the 24 hour subdial function. Judging by available images of this model, it is clear that the functions disc/hand makes a full rotation in a 24 hour, not 12 hour, period of time - therefore likely a dial design blunder. Fortunately, the model I received has a new dial design that corrects the error with a "24" hour indicator atop the subdial, as well as a few other changes to the design. And judging by the number of original designs that I see on the internet, this late-model is comparatively rare.

Beautifully decorated buttons and screwdown crown

These design features are not-at-all common on Russian produced chronographs.

Well designed buckle