Poljot OKEAH

Second generation

The earliest versions of the second generation Okeans (with the updated dial) were produced a year or two prior to this particular chorogrpah. Still, it is likely to have been produced within the first five of six years of cal. 3133 production. Although always difficult to tell... with the acception of the hour and minute hands, the watch seemed to be all original upon dissasembly. A bargain by Okeah standards at $280 (Mar, 2015), I restored it to the best of my ability by replacing all of the damaged components and repainting the chipped and sun bleach chornograph hands.

Early 1980s calibre 3133 movement

This completely restored movement had more thatn a few parts replaced, including the "chronograph" and "main" plates; both having irreversible damage do to previous repair work. I never oil the movements after brushing the crud out of the pinions and cleaning in general, but despite this... barbarism(?), she still works quite well for an old girl!

Okean case back

Early-Okean case backs are hard to come by. This is only the third in my collection because I will not pay outrageous prices for anything less than a near-new piece. Although rare to find in great-condition, there always seems to be at least one or two available (for sale) at any given time.

Wrist shot

The Okean is one of the better looking Poljot chronographs when the dial has aged under the elements, and surely this piece had seen some duty on the high-seas!?!