Poljot Sturmanskie

New cal. 31659 Sturmanskie - 1986

An early version of the new cal. 31659 Sturmanskie Introduced in 1986. Unique to this model are blued hands, similar to those on the older aviators, and a lighter shade of grey colouring on the dial. Future models would have painted hands, and a much darker two-tone grey dial, before being replaced with the white-on-grey/turquoise dials.

These particular dials are brass and paint does not to them very well at all, whereas it will stick to the indices and bezels, therefore extra care is necessary when removing the dial from the case, indices from the dial, and removing and replacing the hand set.

At this time changes to the military Sturmanskie were being made on almost a yearly basis, therefore the possibility exists that this dial succeeded the darker version, and just happened to be fit to an older movement and older hand set. However, in my opinion, that scenario seems unlikely.

Typical Sturmanskie case back

The "Sturmanskie" case back is the only component to be carried over to the new chronograph.

Early Poljot cal. 31659

The first of many Poljot cal. 31659 movements to be produced. The wire spring, at the end of the lever, that activates the second-stop function, can bend or even break off, therefore care should be taken when servicing, and overuse for no reason avoided.