Poljot Sturmanskie 31659

Classic case ca. 1990

Presumably one of the first Sturmanskie brand chronographs available to the public, this chronograph features the previously released military-issue-only cal. 31659 movement with additional stopwatch function. The new round-style chromium-plated case, later to become known as the "classic" style case, was a recent and refreshing addition to Pojot's ubiquitous square case.

Could it be that the initial Sturmanskie branded chronographs available for retail sales featured the cal. 31659 movement only?

Soviet era cal. 31659 movement

I purchased this seemingly nos chronograph without seeing the movement, so you can imagine my surprise when I opened up the hood and found a near mint-condition Soviet era cal. 31659!

New Sturmanskie snap on case back

The Sturmanskie dial matched with the classic round case and cal. 3133 movement would become a featured chronograph in all of the Poljot catalogues up until the company's demise.