Poljot Big Numbers Classic

Big Numbers Classic for Export

There is no doubt in my mind that the earliest dials associated with "classic" style case are similar to that of the late-model "Made in Russia" piece displayed in the 1996 section. However, this design was not too far behind with "Made in USSR", blank transition, and "Made in Russia" model dials being produced. This is a transition piece with no country of origin/manufacture printed on the dial, which was, judging by the movement, produced in early-1992. Mikhail Gorbachev had recently resigned as President of the Soviet Union and handed control over to his rival Boris Yeltsin.

I like this model better than the original classic, but obviously other did not because the production was limited to just a handful of years - making it much less accessible than the ubiquitous original.

First (Poljot) gilded cal. 3133 chronograph case

Initially, in the late-eighties, the gold-coloured classic case was gold-plated, but soon thereafter the switch was made to a gilded finish. Because of the limited numbers, these big number dials are not easy to find in mint condition, but they do come up from time to time in all three version (i.e. "Made in USSR", blank transition, and "Made in Russia"). The quality of Poljot gilding during the 1990s got progressively worse.

Non-black market export

It has been a while since I had purchased this piece, but if I recall correctly it came from the U.S.A. For whatever reason, Poljot must have been required to label the movements with the name of the manufacturer and country of origin. Perhaps as an aide for watchmakers in acquiring parts.

Stamped case back

Collectors sometime question whether or not these pieces are fake, and they are not. From my observations, the stamp on the case back is found on pieces exported to and found in U.S.A and U.K. markets.