Poljot Sturmanskie

Red Star dials

These dials are very similar to those used on the navy "Komandirskie" collector chronographs marketed in Italy, but without the Vostok-like imagery and "Komandirskie" print. The lume application is identical as is the base colour. For the most part, I have seen these dials matched to ca. 1993/94 movements and handsets, however many nos dials have surfaced over the years that have been fitted to movements dating from the late-1980s all the way through to the early-2000s.

Therefore, it's difficult to say whether or not these chronographs were ever actual produced by Poljot during the early-nineties, or just created using leftover dials from the Italian psuedo-Vostok production. One thing that has been fairly consistant is the square case.

Note that there was also a "Komandirskie" Parachutist version of this dial, with a darker blue base, produced at Poljot ca. 1992 and fitted to the round classic and admiral casings.

This particular chronograph is the combination of: nos dial; old-style hand set; nos chrome-plated case; ca.1993 movement; and Sturmanskie case back.

New chrono bridge stamp

Shortly after the old brass balance wheel was replaced, a new "SU 3133" chrono-bridge stamp replaced a relatively new, but no doubt well worn, "SU 3133" chrono-bridge stamp. The new stamp has thicker letters and numbers as well as a few other tell tale signs (see guide).

Note that the chronograph running wheels are all still golden in colour; another indication of a pre-1994 cal. 3133 movement.

Curiously, the new stamp still applied the "SU" prefix even though the Soviet Union had disolved over a year prior.