Poljot-Chrono Skipper

Russian Naval Fleet tri-centenary

Interestingly, on the Poljot-Chronos web site it states that the company was founded in 1997, therefore this chronograph was either manufactured a year after the tri-centenary, or when "Poljot-Chrono" was working as a subdivision of Poljot. Presumably, they didn't just form out-of-the-blue one day.

As you can see, the watch is an all titanium including the bracelet, with a rotating bezel, gold-coloured inner-bezel, and a stainless steel etched case back.

Case back
Peter the Great

The monument "300 Years of the Russian Fleet" was erected in 1997 at the juncture of the Moscow River and Obvodny canal in Moscow, Russia.

Wrist shot

Far away from Moscow at the approach to the harbour at Toronto, Canada.