Poljot "Sberbank" Dress

Gold-plated case w/silver rope bezel

This batch of chronographs was commissioned by Sberbank, the largest bank in Russia and eastern Europe, and fitted with a specially designed case back etched with the company's logo and what looks to be gold-plating of unknown thickness. The watch is otherwise of Poljot design ca. 1998.

As mentioned on the previous "Typhoon" page, this two tone casing is difficult to find in any condition, let alone new. Thankfully, after numerous failed attempts to purchase this particular watch via eBay auction, the seller finally proposed a "second chance" purchase (days before Christmas 2013) and the deal was complete; obviously I paid the maximum I bid and the seller took less than he originally envisioned the watch being worth.

"Sberbank" case back

I haven't seen this Sberbank model before, so I'm guessing the watch commissioned for executives of the company or highly-valued customers.

It looks as though it was etched before being plated, which is one of the reasons I believe it was plated w/gold.

Barely visible is the script: "Established in 1841".

Typical turn-of-the-century Poljot cal. 3133 movement

The chronograph could have been produced in the early-2000s, however the design is definitely late-nineties.

Sberbank HQ

The Sberbank head office, Moscow, Russia.

Wrist shot