Komandirskie Chronograph ca. 1995

Air Force

At some point during the mid-1990s a reissue of the ca. 1989 Komandirskie-style chronographs were produced with new models Tankist, Submarine, and Paratrooper added to the line up.

Other than the fact that the movement is a 100% Russian cal. 3133 manufactured at the 1st Moscow Watch Factory, there is little else known regarding the origins of the rest of the components. It's incredible to think that no one person associated with the production of these chronographs has said boo about them on any of the medias... but that's the case to date!

What I believe is certain is that niether the handset, dial, nor casing was produced in Russia. The casing, minus the Poljot-style push-buttons and crown, is stainless steel, whereas all "Poljot" brand chronographs produced at the time were plated. The handset, and dials, were never utilized by Poljot before or after the production of these chronographs; even though one year later they would produce their own versions of the Vostok-style chronographs. Therefore, it stands to reason that the chronographs were assembled outside of Russia. The only physical connection to the older ca. 1989 chronographs, produced for the Italian market, is the wooden case that they came packaged in. In my opinion, this makes Italy as a likely location for assembly, with the components most likely coming from Switzerland. However, these chronographs were also sold outside of Italy, and therefore it is also possible they may have been produced/assembled in Switzerland or Germany. The mystery continues...

Wooden Komandirskie box

If you were to purchase any of the original, or 1995 reissue, models in this line of chronographs they would have come packaged in this wonderful wooden box.