Poljot-Chronos "Coalition" Victors

Great Britain - Winston Churchill

From a limited edition set of four produced by Poljot-Chronos in 1995, this particular piece has Winston Churchill as great Britain's representative victor from the World War II coalition of allied superpowers.

Initially priced at 10,000 DM ($7,000 US [1995]), the high cost of this set resulted in slow sales and many remained on the market for years after production. I imagine that after the flea markets had been flooded with cheap cal. 3133 chronographs throughout the early part of the 1990s, that it must have been difficult for Poljot-Chronos and Poljot International to begin selling watches in the 1500 Deutsche Mark range.

Stunning bi-colour case back

Stunning bi-colour case back with bas-relief and signature of Sir Winston Churchill.

Poljot cal. 3133 - 1995

A beautiful mid-nineties cal. 3133 movement with old gold-coloured wheels.

Poljot would soon start a slow transition to yellow coloured running wheels that would see both types fitted to the same movement for a less than appealing look.

Titanium buckle

This very decent strap and buckle must have been fitted at the factory.

Winston Churchill

Initially appointed First Lord of the Admiralty at the beginning of the war, it was upon the resignation of prime minister Neville Chamberlain, and at the request of King George VI after consulting with parliament, that Winston Churchill became prime minister of England in 1940, and would lead his country through to the unconditional surrender of Germany in 1945. He is possibly best known for his inspirational speeches during this time (e.g. "we shall never surrender", "finest hour", etc.).

Besides his great ability to lead during war time, Winston Churchill was also an accomplished soldier, journalist, author, and artist, who had an amazing career prior to becoming the Prime Minister of England - including taking part in the very last British cavalry charge! Too much, really, to even begin to skim over...